About me

Hello, my name is Helena Acosta, I am a Venezuelan mom and art teacher. For more than 10 years I worked as an independent art curator developing projects around the world in places like New York, Tokyo, Barcelona, Mexico, and Venezuela, among others. During this period, and as part of the exhibitions’ programs, I developed art and creativity classes for children and adults. I have always regarded this educational component as one of the most fulfilling and favorite parts of my job.

My love for art and teaching bloomed at a very young age. My mother is an art teacher and my father is an anthropologist. I have loved art since I was a kid and I was very much encouraged by my mother. In 2018, I experienced the most amazing gift in my life, I became a mother. From that moment my approach to art took a different and most beautiful pathway. I started to apply my passion for creation to my daily parenting dynamics, reconnecting with my own memories and experiences as a child with my mother. My daughter and I have spent the most amazing moments playing and experimenting together creating beautiful things since she was less than one year old.

In 2020 I started a home-based art studio called JAX Little Art in Atlantic Beach as a way to give back to the community what I know and what I had experienced with my daughter. My method is Create and Play! My art classes pay special attention to the process of creation. They are usually open-ended, choice-driven, and celebrate the experience of discovery. Each class has a setup component with materials provocations to explore where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. The other component of my classes is to introduce children to different artistic techniques focusing on the development of fine motor skills using 2D and 3D activities like painting, beading, yarn-wrapping, assembling, or decorating fun objects. A lot of the projects use recycled materials, teaching children the importance of reusing objects and transforming them into beautiful and unique pieces.

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