About me

Hi, Thank you for visiting! Let me tell you how all this magical journey began! Previous to created JAX Little Art, I was traveling around the world creating New Media Art Exhibitions and some cool social engage projects., I was very fortune to be in places like Tokyo, New York, Mexico City, Spain, between others. But everything started way before that…

My love for art bloomed at a very young age. My mother is an art educator and my father is an anthropologist. I have loved art since I was a little kid and I was very much encouraged by my mother. In 2018, I experienced the most amazing gift in my life, I became a mother. From that moment my approach to art took a different and most beautiful pathway. I started to apply my passion for creation to my daily parenting dynamics, reconnecting with my own memories and experiences as a child with my mother. My daughter and I have spent the most amazing moments playing and experimenting together creating beautiful things since she was less than one year old.

In 2020 I started a home-based art studio called JAX Little Art in Atlantic Beach as a way to give back to the community what I know and what I had experienced with my own daughter. My method is Create and Play! My art classes pay special attention to the process of creation. They are usually open-ended, choice-driven, and celebrate the experience of discovery. Come and play with us!

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